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Leather Basketball Ball Size 5 Custom Logo Wholesale

Basketball Ball Size 5: Mastering the Game with Essential Drills

Introducing the basketball ball size 5, a quintessential tool for honing skills and mastering the game.

Specification parameter diameter circumference weight Applicable population
Size 3  22″ 18CM 56-57CM 300-340g Children 1-3 years old
Size 4 25.5″ 20.6CM 63-65CM 370-410g Children 3-6 years old
Size 5  27.5″ 22CM 69-71CM 470-500g Children 4-12 years old
Size 6  28.5″ 22.6CM 70-71CM 510-550g women’s basketball
Size 7  29.5″ 24.6CM 75-76CM 600-650g men’s basketball

Size :

Basketball ball size 5 is a standard in the game, ideal for both training and matches. Its dimensions and weight make it particularly suitable for youth and adult players alike, offering enhanced control and maneuverability. With a diameter of approximately 27.5 inches, size 5 basketballs are perfect for skill development and competitive play.


Custom logos on basketballs are a significant attraction for players and fans alike. Teams, brands, or individuals can personalize their basketballs with logos or insignias, showcasing their identity and style. This customization turns basketballs into more than just sporting equipment; they become a statement of identity and brand image.


In terms of material, leather is a common choice for basketballs. Leather basketballs typically boast superior texture and durability, allowing them to withstand prolonged use and intense gameplay. Moreover, the soft feel of leather basketballs enhances player grip, aiding in better control of the ball’s trajectory and passing speed during matches.

In conclusion, basketball ball size 5 serves not only as a sporting tool but also as a means to enhance player skills and showcase individuality. Custom logos and premium leather material make size 5 basketballs the preferred choice for players and fans alike. Opting for size 5 basketballs in training and matches will help players better master the game’s pace, improve technical proficiency, and achieve better results.

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