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Mini Leather Training Basketball – Size 5 – Hot Sale – Low Price – Suppliers

This product is a mini leather basketball of size 5, offered at a discounted price. It is perfect for training and recreational use.


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This Hot Sale Mini Cheap Leather Training Basketball Size 5 Suppliers is the perfect choice for any basketball enthusiast.

Specification parameter diameter circumference weight Applicable population
Size 3  22″ 18CM 56-57CM 300-340g Children 1-3 years old
Size 4 25.5″ 20.6CM 63-65CM 370-410g Children 3-6 years old
Size 5  27.5″ 22CM 69-71CM 470-500g Children 4-12 years old
Size 6  28.5″ 22.6CM 70-71CM 510-550g women’s basketball
Size 7  29.5″ 24.6CM 75-76CM 600-650g men’s basketball


Leather material ensures durability. Lightweight and easy handling. Suitable for all ages. Textured surface improves grip. Wide channel enhances control. Multiple color options. Offers affordability and quality.Using a size 5 basketball boosts younger players’ confidence by enhancing handling and control.

usage scenarios:

Size 5 ball suits ages 8-11, smaller and lighter than size 7, ideal for skill development.Young players easily handle the smaller, lighter ball, improving dribbling, shooting, and passing skills indoors or outdoors.

Some international competitions use size 5 basketballs, making them beneficial training tools for children. FIBA (International Basketball Federation) competitions and some youth competitions use size 5 basketballs for women’s basketball.

Choose a durable, grippy size 5 ball from popular brands like Spalding, Wilson, or Nike, suitable for the player’s age and skill level.

For young players, size 5 basketball builds confidence and technique. It’s vital for training or competition.

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