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Originated from sports, used in sports is the company’s mission.

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Xiamen Norman Sports Goods Co., LTD.,

A sports goods manufacturing enterprises. Manufacturers with senior experience in the production, processing and trade of basketball, football, volleyball sports goods and other products.The company provides OEM, customized basketball, sticker basketball and other services.

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The company has long-term cooperation with basketball wholesale and basketball customization. And long-term processing for foreign customers export sports ball products, but also for the long-term processing of domestic brands of sports ball products, such as OEM brand processing basketball (ODM brand processing basketball). The company is a sports goods manufacturing enterprise in Xiamen, Fujian Province. The company has always adhered to integrity, mutual benefit, and provides customers with considerate services and affordable prices.

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We have long-term and stable cooperative relations with Amazon customers, clubs and brands

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The company has a complete and scientific quality management system, keeps forging ahead, and develops a variety of channels online and offline.