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High-Performance Beach Soccer Ball | Manufactured by Leading Supplier

This company produces high-quality soccer balls designed for beach training.


High-Performance Beach Soccer Ball | Manufactured by Leading Supplier

This Good Quality Beach Training Soccer Ball Manufacturer is the perfect choice for any soccer enthusiast. Our balls are made from the highest quality materials, ensuring that they are durable and long-lasting. The outer layer is made from a special synthetic leather that is designed to withstand the elements of the beach, while the inner layer is made from a soft foam that provides excellent cushioning and bounce. The ball is also designed to be lightweight and easy to control, making it ideal for beach training. The ball is available in a variety of sizes and colors, so you can find the perfect ball for your needs. With our Good Quality Beach Training Soccer Ball Manufacturer, you can be sure that you are getting the best quality ball for your money.

Product Name
Soccer Ball/Football
1 Pieces/OPP bag
Minimun Order Quantity
As Mentioned Above
Material Details
PVC/TPU/PU+Rubber Bladder
Material Orgin
Other Service
OEM,Customized Specificatioin,Free Samples
Lead Time
5 – 15 Days from Deposit
Payment Term
L/C,T/T,Cash,Wechat Pay


Beach soccer ball is a specialized type of ball used in the sport of beach soccer. This game is a variant of traditional soccer played on sand instead of a grass or turf field. As a result, the ball used in beach soccer has unique properties that allow it to perform well on the sandy surface.

One of the key differences between a beach soccer ball and a traditional soccer ball is its size. Beach soccer balls are typically smaller than regulation soccer balls, with a circumference of around 68-70 cm. This smaller size makes the ball easier to control and maneuver on the sandy surface.

Another important feature of beach soccer balls is their weight. These balls are lighter than traditional soccer balls, weighing between 350-380 grams. The lighter weight helps players to pass and shoot the ball with greater speed and accuracy.

The construction of beach soccer balls is also different from traditional soccer balls. They are usually made from a softer and more durable material, such as synthetic leather or rubber. This allows the ball to withstand the harsh conditions of the beach, including exposure to sand, water, and sunlight.

Beach soccer balls also feature a different pattern of panels than traditional soccer balls. They typically have fewer panels, ranging from 18-20, which reduces the number of seams on the ball. This design helps to prevent the ball from bouncing unpredictably on the sandy surface, allowing players to maintain better control.

Finally, beach soccer balls often come in bright and colorful designs, which make them easier to see on the beach. This is important for players and spectators alike, as the bright colors help to distinguish the ball from the sand and the surrounding environment.

Overall, beach soccer ball is a crucial element of the game of beach soccer. Its unique design and construction allow players to perform at their best on the sandy surface, and make the game more enjoyable and accessible for all.










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