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Custom Soccer Ball Cool Professional Football Hot Sale Wholesale

This supplier provides promotional football soccer balls of professional quality. They are also cool in design.


Custom Soccer Ball Cool Professional Football Hot Sale Wholesale

Our custom soccer ball features a durable PVC outer material, ensuring longevity and excellent performance.

Product Description

  • The PVC construction provides a smooth surface for better control and a consistent touch during play. With this robust outer layer, our soccer balls withstand intense matches and rigorous training sessions.
  • We use a natural rubber bladder in our custom soccer ball, enhancing its bounce and overall playability. Meeting the rebound standards of 60cm to 67cm, our balls ensure a consistent and enjoyable playing experience. The natural rubber bladder also contributes to the ball’s durability and maintains optimal air retention.
  • Our high quality product is water-resistant, making it suitable for all weather conditions. Available in official sizes 1 to 5, these balls cater to players of all ages and skill levels. Whether for professional games or casual play, our soccer balls offer high performance and reliability on the field.
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Product description Training Quality Official Size PU TPU PVC Soccer ball with Customized Logo Printed Football for Match
Outer materia PVC
Bladder Natural rubber/butyl bladder by yarn/nylon wounded
Size&Weight 1#: 43-44 cm in circle;            130-150g

2#: 46-18 cm in circle;             160-180g

3#:  57-59 cm in circle;         300-325g

4#: 64-66 cm in circle;             320-360g

5#: 68-71cm in circle;           410-450g

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