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Microfiber Laminate Basketball Premium Outdoor Ball Wholesale

Microfiber laminate basketballs are a type of basketball that is commonly used in professional and collegiate basketball games.Synthetic materials combine to form durable, responsive basketballs.

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1 39-43CM 190-230g ALL AGES
5 69-70CM 470-500g <9
6 72-74CM 511-567g WOMEN’S BALL
7 75-76CM 600-650g >12



One of the main benefits of using a microfiber laminate basketball is that it provides excellent grip and control for players.The microfiber outer layer absorbs moisture, keeping the ball dry and grippable during intense play.Players who rely on dribbling need ball control for accurate shooting.

Microfiber laminate basketballs offer exceptional durability, outlasting traditional leather options. This makes them a popular choice for basketball coaches and trainers who want a ball that can stand up to frequent use and last for many seasons.

In addition to their durability and performance, microfiber laminate basketballs are also popular for their appearance. Teams or organizations can customize these balls to match their colors and branding. This makes them a popular choice for basketball teams at all levels, from amateur to professional.

Overall, microfiber laminate basketballs are a high-quality, reliable choice for players who demand the best from their equipment. Whether you are a professional athlete, a college player, or just a casual fan of the game, a microfiber basketball can help you take your skills to the next level and achieve your goals on the court.

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