Basketball Custom Ball Suppliers

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Basketball Custom Ball Suppliers

Basketball custom ball suppliers are companies that manufacture and sell customized basketballs to customers who want a unique design or branding on their balls. These suppliers typically offer a range of customization options, including custom colors, logos, and text, which can be added to the ball using various printing and embroidery techniques.

Custom basketballs are popular among teams, schools, and organizations looking to promote their brand or add a personal touch to their equipment. They can also make for great gifts for basketball enthusiasts or collectors.

To find a reliable custom ball supplier, it’s important to do some research and read reviews from other customers. Look for a company that offers high-quality materials and construction, as well as a wide range of customization options. Some suppliers may also offer bulk discounts for large orders, so it’s worth inquiring about this if you’re interested in purchasing a large quantity of custom balls.

In addition to custom basketballs, many suppliers also offer other custom sports equipment and gear, such as custom jerseys, shoes, and accessories. These items can be great for teams and organizations looking to create a cohesive and professional look for their players.

Overall, basketball custom ball suppliers can provide a great way for teams, schools, and organizations to add a personal touch to their equipment and promote their brand. By doing some research and finding a reputable supplier, you can be sure to get high-quality custom basketballs that will last for many games to come.

Basketball Custom Ball Suppliers

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heat transfer printing with customized logo


training, promotion, advertising, giveaway, kids toy, etc

Product name

training and match rubber inflatable giant basketball


Microfiber PU


1 Nylon +2 PE >2000m



Brand Name



100 Pcs


Foam Rubber

Model Number



Butyl Rubber

Place of Origin





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