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How to make a basketball logo?

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basketball logo is used for sports teams and basketball clubs, which has its own unique features, such as a simple design, bright colors and a large font. So if you want to make a basketball logo yourself to create one that can fit your team perfectly, then you can use this tutorial below with some easy steps!

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The first thing is to choose a design software.

Before you begin, I’d suggest you open up DesignEvo.

If you’re just looking for a simple logo, it’s possible that one of the templates might be exactly what you need! If not, there are plenty more available on our website. It’s really easy to use and comes with a ton of built-in options that will make your life easier if you’re new to design software.

You can start by choosing the type of logo:

Basketball Logo Types

is usually set against a black or white background in order to highlight its colors as much as possible. However, it can also be placed on top of other backgrounds such as stars or clouds (like we did here). You can experiment with different color combinations until something catches your eye!

The second part is to open the toolbox and start setting up.

Once you’ve opened up the toolbox, you can get started.

Import the photo you want to use. In this tutorial, I have used a basketball logo of Chicago Bulls.

Place your photo in the middle of the canvas and rotate it to 90 degrees so that it looks like this:

Add text on top of your image using “Type Tool (T)” found under Photoshop tools tab:

Now add another element which will be used as background for both text boxes and logo itself! Use Ellipse Tool (U) and drag out small oval shape then go to Layer > New > Layer Via Copy; name this layer “Backdrop” or something similar so we know what it is later on in step 12 when we save our file; now go back to Type Tool (T) again & select Calibri font style as shown below:

The third step is to put the basketball in the middle of the canvas, rotate it and add text on it.

In the third step, you will put the basketball in the middle of the canvas, rotate it and add text on it. To do this, import your design logo into Photoshop (from Step 2) and then follow these steps:

Place the basketball logo over its background (you can use Ctrl+T to transform).

Hold down Shift+Ctrl and drag around both sides of your image until it’s roughly square in shape (this will make it easier for you to crop later).

Right click on your image layer name at the top left corner of your screen; choose Rotation > Rotate 90° CW or Rotate 90° CCW depending on which direction you want to turn it so that we can see what we’re doing when adding our text

The fourth step is to add text.

The fourth step is to add text.

You can use the Text tool to add text to your basketball logo, or you can use the Type tool. The main difference between the two tools is that with the Text tool you can apply a fill and stroke while with the Type tool you cannot do so. If you are adding text as part of your design, be sure not to make it too small because this may make it impossible for people viewing your basketball logo on smaller devices like mobile phones or tablets.

The fifth step is to decorate with elements.

Now that you have created your logo, you can add some elements to it. You can use the brush tool to add stars and flowers in different colors. You can also use text on top of your logo by using the text tool. You may also want to paint color over your entire design using the paint bucket tool or lines using the pen tool.

The sixth part is to match its background.

After you are done with your logo design, make sure that you have matched its background. The background can be anything from a simple blue or black color to something like clouds which look nice. Just ensure that it’s not too complex or busy so as to distract the viewer from focusing on the main attraction of the logo, which is your basketball player.

You can easily make a basketball logo using DesignEvo Basketball Logo Maker!

You can easily make a basketball logo using DesignEvo Basketball Logo Maker!

This is a free online tool that allows you to create your own basketball logo in minutes. If you want to use the logo for commercial purposes, then this is the best choice for you. Just follow these simple steps:

First, download the DesignEvo Basketball Logo Maker file from this link: https://designevo.com/basketball-logo-maker/.

Launch it and choose between PNG or JPEG format output files (or SVG if you want to edit it later). Then click on “Next” button so we can move on to next step of making our basketball logos!


We hope you’ve found this guide helpful and can use it to create awesome basketball logos for your team. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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